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Seamless Collaboration: Empowering job-level communication between customers and suppliers so nothing slips through the cracks
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Gain a comprehensive overview of job holds instantly with our innovative calendar view. Easily track whose court the job is in and the job's historical timeline. Job holds trigger automatic extensions to the estimated ship date ensuring you stay informed and in control of the part's timeline effortlessly.

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Chat about the job in real time. Easily attach and download job-specific files while efficiently resolving any issues directly within the portal interface. Records, engineering, parts needed, and work scope changes are no longer hidden in email (or your colleagues' email) but are visible to everyone who needs to know.

Status Hub Collaboration


Attach records and download records for the specific job. Discuss record issues inside the portal.

Status Hub Records


The Aero Status Hub Portal starts at $699/month or $6,990/year (two months free). There are add-ons for integrations and multiple locations. Join now or contact our account management team for more information.

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